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Welcome to Elk Love!

Here, you have a lot of choices of fleece blankets. Elk Love has basic blanket styles, and elegant colors, large sizes. We focus on fleece blanket products. But it is more special because there are designs specifically for lovers of astrology such as zodiac or tarot.

About us

About fleece blanket from Elk Love!

We also understand that astrologers sometimes just love a blanket that’s minimalist and has a color that represents their personality. Understanding the needs of customers, we have available blankets in minimalist style and also designed blankets with zodiac and tarot patterns. All fleece blankets are soft, warm and no dust due to the use of selected materials.


About our name

In Native American culture, the elk is a symbol of great significance – a relative who brings strength, endurance, and patience. Tribal Nations each value the elk and place it as a teacher in many stories told through oral tradition. In astrology, the elk uses both majesty and cooperation – a perfect illustration of the dualities we find in life. The Long Snows Moon and its animal totem the elk, teach us mental strength and the wisdom to combine it with the energies of others to accomplish the goals of our “herd.”

And the elk is the symbol that we believe in. So we took it as the name for the brand we founded – Elk Love.